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When I was about the age of six, I can remember watching Leonard Nimoy’s “In Search Of.”  When the grainy shots of the Moai of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) appeared on the TV, I was transfixed.   I think my fascination had more to do with the way they looked than the question, “who made them?” Later, when my family moved to Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevadas, I would spend the long winters on skis.   Dad, a pilot with Pan American, would take us out to Hawaii for a little vacation and I can remember going from skiing in a Blizzard to being on Marcus Tinglethe shores of Waikiki the next day.  Paddling around and riding gentle little rollers all day with my Dad’s supervision was a magical experience.  The Tradewinds would blow and later in the evening we would walk down to the "International Marketplace."  Hawaiians were there making miniature outriggers and weaving palm frond hats.  Everywhere I looked I could see ‘Tikis” that had been carved in a traditional way, representing the different Island groups of the pacific.  A seed had been planted.  I loved going to Polynesia.  It was magic.  The air, the water, the art, and the waves.

It wasn’t until much later, while living in L.A. and using surfing as a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle, that I started to daydream of far off Islands in the South Pacific.  Suddenly, the isolated and peaceful images of the Moai on Rapa Nui would fill my mind and I would obsess about an escape.  I then realized that the ancient Polynesians had made the Moai.  Wait, the Polynesians created surfing.  This spiritual activity that kept me together had come from the creators of these stone monoliths!  Ah, to go ‘adrift’ in the South Pacific and see these great works of art.  That would be magic.

Adrift’s mission is to pay tribute to the art and culture of the people who created surfing 

Adrift Logo

Our Logo.

Rapa Nui is the most isolated island in the Pacific. It is amazing that Polynesians managed, through great skill and resourcefulness, to reach such a remote land mass. The civilization that flourished there created the giant stone monoliths called Moai. Each Moai is unique. Our logo is Moai # 51, numbered by the Easter Island Statue Project and located on the front slopes of Rano Raraku, a volcanic crater formed of consolidated volcanic ash or tuff. This is where almost all the Moai were quarried. We chose a Moai for our logo because of their physical beauty and because of the story they represent. The history of Rapa Nui tells of a culture that reached one of the artistic pinnacles of Polynesian civilization and it’s subsequent decline due to the depletion of its natural resources. The story of this small, remote land is both an inspiring yet cautionary tale for the modern world.

Environmental Policy.


“By now the meaning of Easter Island for us should be chillingly obvious.  Easter Island is earth writ small.  Today, again, a rising population confronts shrinking resources.  We too have no emigration valve, because all human societies are linked by international transport, and we can no more escape into space than Easter Islanders could flee into the ocean.  If we continue to follow our present course we shall have exhausted the world’s major fisheries, tropical rain forests, fossil fuels, and much of our soil by the time my sons reach my current age.”
– Jared Diamond, author of ‘Collapse’.

This does not have to be the scenario that humans face on this big blue planet.  Here at Adrift it is our policy to minimize our impact on the natural environment.  Making things like Surf Boards, T-Shirts, and Hats creates pollution.  We want to minimize that.  Using organic cotton is a top priority and organic and recycled materials whenever possible.  Our goal is to have a 1% fund set up for the ‘Easter Island Statue Project’, which focuses on preserving the quickly eroding Moai and preserving the indigenous Polynesian culture.  From there we want to be strong environmental advocates any way that we can, local or global.

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